Clean Rooms & Pharma

Nemo Power Tools is proud to announce the development of a completely sealed and sterilizable drill for professionals working in clean rooms.

Regular power tools contain air vents, which allow air to pass over the tool’s internal components to cool the machine. At Nemo Power Tools, we’ve devised a technology that allows us to completely seal our tools. Our clean room drill is 100% sealed from the outside environment, which means no air flowing, allowing it to be used in clean rooms and other particle-free environments.

Using a tool that’s suited to sensitive environments translates into more efficient work in medical labs, sophisticated electronics manufacturing, and other types of clean rooms. Repairs can take place without compromising the room’s air quality or its clean room status.

The drill is made from aluminum and its surface is specially-treated which means it can be sterilized, washed and cleaned with water, alcohol, various solvents and standard sterilization solutions. For more details, visit our products page or contact us.