Construction & Plumbing

The Nemo Power Tools range of products is the right choice for professionals working in the elements who need cordless, long-lasting tools for tough jobs. Rain, mud, and leaking water pipes are no match for our waterproof tools, which are completely sealed and ready to work hard.

Choose our waterproof impact wrench for all your fastening needs or our submersible impact driver for driving that endless pile of screws.

Our 2.0 horsepower (1500 watts) Li-Po Angle Grinder has a brushless motor and is the first cordless angle grinder to match the horsepower of corded power tools. It has outperformed popular cordless Lithium-Ion grinders, outlasting them all and DOUBLING the number of cuts of its nearest competitor.

Working on sewage, water mains, and construction sites is hard. Get your hands on the newest, most innovative power tool technology in the world and make your job easier. For more details, visit our products page or contact us.