Hyperbaric welding refers to the process through which welding is done at elevated pressures, mostly underwater, and is a common occurrence in the marine and ship making industries. Underwater welding needs are diverse and occur both in dry or wet welding environments. As a professional underwater welder, choosing the right lighting solution is essential as it affects the visibility of the target area and hence the performance of the welding activity.

The features of the best welding dive lights ensure that the lights are easy to use. Most of these lights have intuitive controls and switches which make them easy to operate, regulate power levels and allow for emergency flashing. The size and shape of the lights make it possible to mount or grip them, and the lights are designed with consideration as to balance, weight and ergonomics. Importantly, the beam shape and size also varies among different brands which affect the usefulness of the beam underwater.

The best welding dive lights have varying light power levels so divers can regulate the brightness of the beam. Also, the beam angle and strength enables the welder to operate in dark water or deep waters, enhancing the effectiveness of welding activities. In addition, the ergonomic nature of the light makes it possible to grip or mount and even adjust the light for clearer visibility while in use. Interestingly, most welding dive light uses durable rechargeable batteries which facilitate longer periods underwater and efficient usage.

The best 2 welding dive lights in the market are:

Scubapro Nova 720

The Scubapro Nova 720 welding light is a mix of sophistication and simplicity. It is powered by three C batteries. It is regarded as a large light yet it is not bulky. It operates by simply twisting it on and off at the light head. It has an all-aluminum body that is waterproof up to 300 meters. It has an impressive, powerful and concentrated spot beam that angles to about 80 degrees. It has several power levels that are easily adjustable plus it has a flash mode.

SeaLife Dragon Mini 650

The SeaLife Dragon welding light is regarded as the best due to its intuitive one handed operation, rugged construction and design, ergonomic grip and high concentration of light. The light can be adjusted at angles between 15 degrees and 120 degrees. It is considered a large light but easily fits in BC pockets. Interestingly, the SeaLife Dragon changes color to indicate the battery level. Its light output is very bright and strong.