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Commercial Diving

Whether you’re building bridges, repairing docks, cleaning ship propellers, or installing a boat lift, commercial diving is hard. Nemo Power Tools makes it easier. Use the world’s first submersible cordless tools to save time and money.

Our innovative tools are light, maneuverable and feature some of the world’s most innovative technologies to help you do your tough jobs better. Our battery-operated submersible impact wrench and impact driver will make you wonder how you’ve done it all these years with pneumatic tools.

Unfastening rusted bolts or installing thousands of screws becomes a breeze when you have our cordless, heavy-duty tools in your hands. Our waterproof, submersible 2.0 HP (1500 watts) angle grinder will cut your grinding and cutting jobs in half, and our V2 drills are already helping thousands of commercial diving professionals around the world get jobs done more quickly.

Our tools have been featured in Popular Mechanics and on both Discovery and DIY channel TV shows. Check out our products page to figure out which one you can’t live without.

Pool & Spa

Spend less time installing lights and main drains and more time lounging in the pool this summer. Nemo Power Tools – manufacturer of the world’s first submersible cordless power tools – has been selling to the pool and spa industry since 2013. Our innovative waterproof drills are being used by thousands of pool professionals around the world.

With our tools in hand, there’s no need to drain the pool or spa you’re working on in order to drive screws or drill holes, saving you and your customers time and money.

Our innovative tools are light, maneuverable and feature some of the world’s most advanced technologies to help you do your tough jobs better.

Due to the success of our drills, we’re introducing more waterproof tools to our range of products, including an impact wrench, an impact driver, and a waterproof, 2.0 HP (1500 watts) brushless angle grinder.

Our drill was named a Pool & Spa News Top 50 product and won the Diving and Underwater category at the 2015 Seawork International trade show.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our products page and decide which one you’ll be using this summer.

Clean Rooms & Pharma

Nemo Power Tools is proud to announce the development of a completely sealed and sterilizable drill for professionals working in clean rooms.

Regular power tools contain air vents, which allow air to pass over the tool’s internal components to cool the machine. At Nemo Power Tools, we’ve devised a technology that allows us to completely seal our tools. Our clean room drill is 100% sealed from the outside environment, which means no air flowing, allowing it to be used in clean rooms and other particle-free environments.

Using a tool that’s suited to sensitive environments translates into more efficient work in medical labs, sophisticated electronics manufacturing, and other types of clean rooms. Repairs can take place without compromising the room’s air quality or its clean room status.

The drill is made from aluminum and its surface is specially-treated which means it can be sterilized, washed and cleaned with water, alcohol, various solvents and standard sterilization solutions. For more details, visit our products page or contact us.

Construction & Plumbing

The Nemo Power Tools range of products is the right choice for professionals working in the elements who need cordless, long-lasting tools for tough jobs. Rain, mud, and leaking water pipes are no match for our waterproof tools, which are completely sealed and ready to work hard.

Choose our waterproof impact wrench for all your fastening needs or our submersible impact driver for driving that endless pile of screws.

Our 2.0 horsepower (1500 watts) Li-Po Angle Grinder has a brushless motor and is the first cordless angle grinder to match the horsepower of corded power tools. It has outperformed popular cordless Lithium-Ion grinders, outlasting them all and DOUBLING the number of cuts of its nearest competitor.

Working on sewage, water mains, and construction sites is hard. Get your hands on the newest, most innovative power tool technology in the world and make your job easier. For more details, visit our products page or contact us.

Military & Public Safety

Tough, dependable, and ready for action. Nemo Power Tools are like the people who use them. Whether you’re a military service member or a public safety professional, Nemo Power Tools has the innovative tools you need for your job.

Tactical operations require tools that outperform run-of-the-mill “dry-land” cordless tools. Long-lasting and easily maneuvered, our line of submersible cordless power tools – ranging from completely waterproof drills to impact tools to the world’s first brushless submersible angle grinder – are lightweight and can go virtually anywhere.

Now used by over 10 militaries around the world, our tools are helping underwater construction teams, aircraft carrier maintenance staff, and special operations teams do their jobs better. Rescue divers and fire departments now have a portable and easy solution for their essential work.

Nemo Power Tools can get wet, do the work, and keep on going. For more details, visit our products page or contact us.

Boats & Yachts

Nemo Power Tools  are light, maneuverable and feature some of the world’s most innovative technologies. Our line of the world’s first submersible cordless tools will save you time and money on your tough marine maintenance and repair jobs.

Use our Boat & Yacht or Divers Edition drill with a drill brush to clean propellers, boat bottoms or waterlines. Even better, try our new, revolutionary Boat Hull Cleaning Kit to make the task of in-water boat cleaning easier than ever before. Remove marine deposits and tough stains from boat bottoms, and clean scum lines, rust stains, propellers, and any in-water surface quickly and easily.

Our tools have been featured at boat and marine work shows around the world, including Seawork International, the Helsinki International Boat Show, Boat Show Palma, and Internautica.

Check out our products page to figure out which one you’ll be using on your next job.