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Nemo High-Powered Dive Light

  • Modes: Ten brightness levels, from 0% (off) to 100% (maximum brightness)
  • Brightness: 80,000 Lumens
  • Salt-water resistant
  • Depth rated to 50m/165 feet
  • 60-minute burn time (at 20% brightness)
  • 120° wide beam angle (at 50% brightness)
  • Materials of construction: Aluminum and tempered glass
  • Removable Li-Ion battery (option of 3Ah or 6Ah)
  • One button control for easy operation – one button to switch light on/off and selecting brightness

The most powerful battery-operated dive light in the world, the Nemo High-Powered Dive Light generates 80,000 lumens of light – more than 5 times brighter than other dive lights on the market. The Nemo High-Powered Dive Light is waterproof and dust-proof and features ten brightness levels and high-efficiency LEDs, for effective and long-lasting illumination. Rated to 100m (328 ft) deep, it can be used underwater and in wet conditions. Unprecedented in the diving world, it’s perfect for public safety and search and rescue operations, offering professional divers, police forces, fire departments, and the armed forces the light they need to get the job done. With the Nemo High-Powered Dive Light – Darkness is no longer an acceptable excuse.