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Max Planck 8000 Replacement & Accessories

Max Planck 8000 Replacement & Accessories

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Mount Clip

SKU: RK-09007

Replacement body

SKU: RK-09002

Light only

SKU: SN-09000

Push button

SKU: RK-09005

Replacement Instruction



Lamp Head

SKU: RK18001

Goodman handle

SKU: RK-09003


SKU: RK-09006

1 set comes with 4 Batteries
18650 Lithium Battery High Capacity 1800mah 3.7v for Nemo Floodlight. High Capacity and Stable Discharge Voltage Light weight, small size and high performance Small internal resistance Outstanding Discharge properties and Storage Capacity Pollution free, long cycle life No memory effect.



SKU: RK-09008

Carry case

SKU: SN-09009