One of the most important pieces of diving equipment are the torches, also known as flashlights. They are used for safety in low visibility, including night diving and wreck and cave diving. They are equally useful for signaling and communication between the person underwater and those on the surface. Dive lights are also essential in shallow and clear water because they help expose the red end of the spectrum of light.

LED diving torches offer brighter, whiter light and use less energy, which allows for a longer battery life than traditional incandescent dive lights. One of the major uses of this type of torch is that it brings back the real colors that are lost at depths. Most divers carry at least two torches for safety. For cave divers, it is always prudent to carry three.

When it comes to dive lights, the primary light should essentially be a brighter light than the back up. However, brighter light is not always required and can often be a waste, especially when the water is not very clear with lots of particles floating around. In such a case, light that is too bright would make it difficult to see. Underwater photographers usually opt for 30W LED dive lights, which is low enough not to cause hot spots or scare away the fish. On the other hand, 5W LED diving torches are ideal for recreational divers who can use them during the day or night. Cave divers need stronger lights since they are likely to encounter varying intensities of darkness.

One of the most important features to look for in dive lights is the depth rating. Some torches offer visibility only up to a depth of 30m. Repeated deeper diving can easily cause these torches to fail. Just make sure to choose durable torches that are attached to a lanyard so that you don’t end up losing them. Invest in models with a good durable metal casing that can last for several years. The last thing you would want is your torch letting you down on a night dive. In addition to durability, choose dive lights that offer a burn time of at least double the time you want to dive. There are torches that come with rechargeable batteries that can last a lifetime.

Dive lights are available in an assortment of sizes, light intensities, and configurations, which determine their price. All diving torches are waterproof, which is one thing you don’t have to worry about as long as you purchase a reliable brand from an equally reliable source. Basic waterproof flashlights have an LED lamp for longer life, which do not drain battery power as well. High end LED diving torches will certainly cut through the dark during your dives and are usually rated for 400 lumens and more.