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Top Orca Dive Lights

Orca offers superior LED lighting for divers. With a range of lightweight and long-lasting dive lights, divers can depend on Orca for bright and efficient underwater lighting. Safety First Orca’s Torpedo, a lightweight and...

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Top Kraken Dive Lights

A leading manufacturer of high quality and sturdy diving equipment and accessories, Kraken Sports also manufactures some of the best dive lights available on the market today. And these come with an affordable price tag. Shared...

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Bigblue Dive Lights

In its 10 years of delivering advanced designs and high-quality dive lights, Bigblue has proven itself to be among one of the best diving equipment companies around. This has been continuously reinforced by its use of some of...

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Bersub Dive Lights

The power of sight is known to be one of the most important elements in human beings, but being able to see underwater gives you the ability to maneuver and enjoy scenery that is rare to the eye. Bersub dive lights are on the...

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Halcyon Dive Lights

Halcyon offers a variety of primary dive lights to choose from, all of which are depth rated to 300ft/90meters and come with a choice of either a 21-watt HID or a 12-watt LED light head option. They can also be fitted with...

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