Author: Scuba Dave

User Guide: Liquid Image 5.5 Watt Dive Light

The Liquid Image 5.5 watt dive light is the perfect accessory for scuba masks, wrist mounts, or for attaching to other equipment. The 330 lumen torch is the perfect light for illuminating short distances in front of you, and can be attached to GoPro type cameras and later model Liquid Image gear without much work. The 330 lumen output and 60-degree beam make for the perfect underwater camera lighting setup. Water depth rated to 400 feet, this versatile light can go almost anywhere underwater that you take it. Below, we’ll take a look at using and maintaining the Liquid...

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User Guide: Scubapro Nova 2100

The Scubapro Nova 2100 is a spot/flood dive light with multiple functionalities. Professional and recreational divers will definitely find this little powerhouse handy. The following is a brief guide showing how using and maintaining the Scubapro Nova 2100 couldn’t be any simpler! The battery The Scubapro Nova 2100 comes with a 25 Wh Li-ion removable battery. You can twist open the bottom part of the light with the overpressure valve to insert the battery in place. Tightly secure the lid to make sure that the battery hits the light’s contact points. The single-button controls Once the battery is inserted,...

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Top 3 SeaLife Dive Lights

SeaLife is the manufacturer of some of the most impressive underwater cameras on the market today. Along with providing divers with the ability to capture the underwater world in vivid detail, SeaLife also offers some of the best diving lights for professionals and hobbyists alike. SeaLife have over twenty years experience in designing top quality equipment for divers of all skill levels. Below, we’ll take a look at the top 3 SeaLife dive lights. Sea Dragon Mini 650 Flood Light SeaLife proves that good things come in small packages. This compact little light packs a 650-lumen ultra-wide beam into...

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Brands to Watch: Top Waterproof Flashlights for Diving

Deep sea diving gear is incomplete without diving lights, but it’s important to always go with a reliable brand. When you want the top waterproof flashlight for diving, check out the models from these brands: Bigblue These flashlights are built for resilience, and many of the brand’s models can last up to 20 hours on the lowest brightness level. They have a high concentration of the light in the middle of the beam, and the brand has products that can go down to 330ft. Multiple power options and battery types can be found in Bigblue’s lineup. IST Sports Divers...

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Two of the Best Waterproof Flashlights for Diving

To most deep sea divers, dive lights come in handy during underwater exploration. Otherwise, it can be a daunting task trying to navigate underwater without this important accessory beside you. Below are 2 of the best waterproof flashlights for diving you can purchase today. LED Lenser – D14 Diving Flashlight This neon-yellow colored waterproof flashlight can be used both underwater and on land. In addition, its performance characteristics are absolutely amazing and top notch with 135 lumens at your disposal. On top of that, its battery life proves to be sufficient with a maximum burn time of 4 hours...

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