Author: Scuba Dave

Dive Light Cleaning

Dive lights are a necessary companion for people who intend to go diving. Its primary use, like all other light sources, is to provide illumination for those places that natural lighting can’t reach. Due to the expected...

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Dive Rite Dive Lights

The Dive Rite brand was founded in 1984, with the company producing the first wing exclusively set aside for the first back plates designed for sale. Since its launch, Dive Rite has expanded on their first innovation, creating a...

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Welcome to DiveLight! We’re Scott, Dave, and Aaron, and our lives pretty much revolve around diving – what started as a thrilling hobby has turned into our full-time jobs, and we thought we’d throw a blog into the mix to help other diving enthusiasts delve into the surprisingly rich world of dive lights.

All three of us are certified master scuba divers working as PADI instructors and commercial divers in the United States. In our spare time, we love reviewing the latest and greatest dive lights and giving novice divers and professionals alike tips and tricks for utilizing this fantastic piece of equipment.

When we’re not teaching, working, or jumping into the water at night (our favorite time to enjoy some recreational diving), we’re updating the blog. Stick around and stay up to date on the latest dive lights on the market!