The Dive Rite brand was founded in 1984, with the company producing the first wing exclusively set aside for the first back plates designed for sale. Since its launch, Dive Rite has expanded on their first innovation, creating a line of diving products, including high-quality dive lights. Here are three of our favorite examples from this brand.

Top Three Dive Rite Dive Light Products

C4 Xenon: Dive Rite’s C4 Xenon comes with long-lasting 6.6 watt disposable alkaline batteries to ensure you always have a reliable light when you need it. The exclusive dual lamp enables you to switch between one light or both lights when underwater. You can switch the rechargeable kit between high beam and low beam. High beam (10 watts) is used for spotting far-away objects, while low beam is used for ensuring long battery life. This 1000 lumen dive light has a depth rating of 500 feet, making it ideal for a wide range of divers.

DRIS Dive Gear: The DRIS Dive Gear dive light is a sturdy and brilliant dive light admired by many diving enthusiasts around the globe. It features 1000 lumens that cut even the gloomiest, murkiest of waters. In addition, it comes with a complete lanyard, O-rings, and 3-C Cell batteries that last longer in and out of water. With its 320m depth rating, you’ll have no trouble when it comes to spotting dangerous sharks underwater.

Dive Gear RIB 450: The RIB 450 is a sturdy and steadfast light since it’s made of top quality material and features a ribbed design. This dive gear uses 3 AA batteries that maintain a steady light for 2 hours nonstop. In addition to these features, it also features a gold-plated spring for the battery to maintain a longer lifespan and to improve conductivity. The RIB 450 dive light can light brightly in a depth of 300ft underwater.