Keldan video lights are divided into two groups: modular and compact. According to the manufacturer, these video lights are self-contained and boast of variable power settings, ultra-compact designs, precise photometric specifications, the highest color rendering, and the highest luminous flux. Here’s a break down of each group:

Modular video lights

The one of kind Video 8M professional light series uses a modular philosophy in its design. When using this type of video light, an underwater camera operator can adapt the lighting as per his or her shooting style. Not only does the modular video light offer a smooth, wide beam, but also top quality light and a high brightness. Their lightweight nature and compact form make them suitable for traveling as well.

Specifications include:

  • Modular design with interchangeable reflectors and LED modules
  • A 97W Li-ion rechargeable battery pack
  • 200m depth rating
  • Weighs 0.14kg in water and 1.1 kg on land
  • Produces a soft beam pattern that is speckle-free
  • 5 power settings


  • Video 8M CRI
  • Video 8M FLUX

Compact video lights

This type of light has a compact form and is optimized to output a wide beam angle and maximum lumens. If you want to set up a compact video pack then you can use this type of video light – it has all of the necessary power to make that happen. In addition, it is the perfect choice when weight and size matters due to frequent traveling.

Specifications include:

  • Li-ion rechargeable battery pack plus charge indicator
  • 200m depth rating
  • Small in terms of weight and size
  • Soft, speckle-free beam pattern
  • 5 power settings


  • Video 24X
  • Video 18X
  • Video 8X-130001m CRI82
  • Video 8X-11001m CR192
  • Video 4X-8001m CR182

From the above , it is evident that Keldan video lights are great for filming underwater videos because they are designed to do so.