Flashlights and torches are some of the most important items used in diving. They are used by divers in underwater and on the surface for when there is low visibility, during the night and in cave diving. They are also used as signals when underwater and on the surface especially at night.

In most cases, divers carry two LED dive flashlights for their missions. These are the main dive flashlights, otherwise known as the primary dive light and the backup flashlight, known as the secondary dive light. The primary dive light is brighter than the secondary or backup dive light. However, in cases or situations when the water is not clear, the primary light is not needed. This is because; a bright light will make it very hard for the divers to see much. In such a case, they opt for the secondary dive light.

Cave divers use a much stronger and brighter flashlight because they are most likely to encounter a lot of darkness in the caves. Underwater Photographers use flashlights that have color balancing and are low enough not to scare away the fish. The best preference for underwater photographers is the 30W LED.

Daytime divers mostly that dive for recreation use dive light during the day or night. Their preference is the 5W LED.

Features to Look for When Choosing LED Dive Flashlights

Find out the depth ratings of the flashlight. Some of the flashlights offer visibility up to a certain depth. These flashlights usually fail to work after repeated dives. Make sure the flashlight chosen is durable and attached to a lanyard to avoid lose. Most divers will want torches with metal casings because they can last longer than with plastic casings. There are however good diving flashlights with a plastic casing but an aluminum head. The plastic gives the diver a firmer grip on the flashlight. Choose lights that will outlast the time you want to stay in the water. The longer burn time is necessary in case a diver has to stay longer than was expected.

Dive torches are available in many sizes and makes.

The Top 10 Best Dive Lights of 2017 are:
1) Tovatec Fusion 530. It is very powerful with a sliding zoom door.

2) Scubapro Nova720. It has a goods beam, and is comfortable to use.

3) Sealife Sea Dragon Mini 650. It has light output, and very bright.

4) Dive Rite LX20. It has four rechargeable li-iron batteries.

5)Light and Motion Sola Dive 1200 Spot. It has great output and good controls and indicators.

6) LED Lenser D14

7) ScubaPro Nova 230. Best for recreational divers

8) Phantom Aquatics Imulse LED Dive Light. It is very compact and it’s on and off buttons are easy to use.

9) Orca Torch D520. It makes underwater photography and videos come out looking their best.

10) Goldengulf 4000LM. It has a detachable strap and it is skid-proof.