Different diving situations require different kind of lights. That is why all dive lights cannot be equal – each has to serve a specific purpose during these exciting underwater adventures. For instance, a dive flood light is very different from a dive spot light.

A flood light and a spot light serve different purposes

A dive flood light can produce a powerful, and yet broad beam. This makes it very well suited to general underwater exploration. Therefore, anyone looking for a chance to bask in the wonders to be found under the water would benefit immensely from a flood light. This light is also good in scenarios where the diver would like to record a video or take pictures underwater.

Sometimes your mission underwater will involve searching for something, it could be a rare underwater plant or animal species, or some underwater treasure. In such a scenario, what you need the most is a dive spot light because it offers the focused high-powered beam that makes finding what you need in a mass of other irrelevant things much easier.

A flood light produces an even Beam

A flood light tends to produce a beam that is even all through. A spot light, on the other hand, creates a beam that is brighter at the center but a little dimmer towards the edges. For this reason, a spot light might be great for searching for things underwater due to the bright light at the middle of the beam. But for contrary purposes, using a flood light might be the better option.

A spot light lets you see further

Sometimes the most important thing during a dive is to see as far as possible when underwater. For instance, when trying to move fast to cover a longer distance. In such cases, a spot light is the better option as its beam can penetrate further into the water. A flood light’s beam tends to get scattered within a large area much closer to you; which makes it hard to see far ahead.

Each is best for different underwater conditions

The underwater environment can take many forms. In some cases, the water is clear, and in others, the water is filled with things that make visibility very low. When there is low visibility, it is more appropriate to use a spot light as the beam can penetrate much further.

Besides, when the water is not clear, more light is reflected back to the diver, which can make it even harder to see ahead while using a flood light. But when the water is clear, a flood light might be preferable to the dive spot light since the light can go further without affecting the diver’s vision.