Whether you are a diver yourself or you know someone who is, the BlueFire 1200 Xml-L2 Dive Light is a great diving flashlight to use underwater, especially for professional divers and underwater photographers.

Built for Professional Diving and Underwater Photographers

Whether you are a professional diver or an underwater photographer, this high powered, bright flashlight will work great for you. This flashlight was built with a high-power beam and has a very bright light on it to enable professional divers and underwater photographers to see everything clearly when doing their job. This light is perfect for both of these professions.

Can Also be Used for Other Activities

What is so great about this super bright flashlight is that it can also be used for other activities including hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, trekking, and even in an emergency, especially an auto emergency. In fact, it is great for use if you break down in your car alongside the highway after dark.

Powered by a Rechargeable Battery

Another special feature of the BlueFire 1200LM Xml-L2 Dive Light is that it is powered by a rechargeable battery. Because of this, you will need to keep the light’s battery charger on hand to charge up the battery when it goes dead. However, this is a good thing because batteries can be expensive if you have to keep buying them over and over again.


  • Super bright light
  • Has a guaranteed depth rating of 100 meters
  • Nice size and sturdy design
  • Users can even hold it comfortably when wearing cold-water gloves


  • Light may turn off by itself sometimes
  • May have to use the lower brightness setting on longer dives

Whether you are looking for a light for deep water diving or looking for one in case of an emergency, this light may work just perfectly for you.