Dorcy International is based in Columbus, OH, and provides one of the widest ranges of lighting products of any manufacturer in the world. The products available at Dorcy continuously evolve based on the demand of the market. Dorcy has been making lighting products for over 55 years, and although perhaps best known for their dive light products, they also manufacture lighting solutions for various sports and commercial applications. But when it comes to dive lights, the Dorcy 500 Lumen DIVE III Submersible LED dive light is one of their most popular products.


The Dorcy 500 Lumen DIVE III Submersible LED is made of anodized aluminum for a corrosion-resistant exterior. This submersible LED dive torch contains a CREE X-ML type bulb that provides state-of-the-art lighting and 500 lumens of brightness that can extend up to 250ft. When using the recommended AA alkaline batteries at full charge, the dive torch is capable of providing 6 hours of continuous light on high mode, and 8 hours of continues light when used on low mode, which emits 220 lumens.

The weight of the Dorcy 500 Lumen Dive III is 0.7lbs, and it is guaranteed to be submersible up to a depth of 100 meters. Underwater, over 80% of the light output is concentrated in the center beam, with the remaining 20% evenly distributed around the center. It has an easy-to-use push button switch, a comfortable 1.1″ diameter handle, and an adjustable wrist lanyard to keep the light secure when diving.


  • Narrow, focused beam
  • Inexpensive given it’s features
  • Can be used on land as well


  • Lack of mounting point for bolt-snaps.

Overall, the Dorcy 500 Lumen DIVE III torch is a cheap, handheld, and robust LED light.