The Light and Motion GoBe Plus 500 is a lightweight, handheld flashlight option for divers. The versatile GoBe is compatible with 6 different lighting elements. The unit features a 20-degrees beam that works well to get rid of hot spots and provides an exceptional balance of beam distance and viewing angle for various outdoor activities, most notably recreational and professional divers. The Light and Motion GoBe Plus 500 comes with a stylish compact design that makes it stand out among other dive lights.

Six light heads

The flashlight features six screw-on lights heads that include a 20-degree spot light available in 500 to 700-lumen outputs; a 60-degree (700-lumen) wide beam for illuminating wide spaces, an 8-degree (500- lumen) search light that optimizes beam distance and run-time; a 20-degree night sea light; and a 60-degree red focus light. All these lights allow a user to create six different lights off of one platform for various uses.

Battery life

The flashlight is powered by a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a run-time of up to 54 hours. The unit also features a battery indicator that lets the user monitor the status of the battery.

Multiple power modes

These include: high, medium, low, extended, and SOS .

Factory sealed design

Its factory sealed design is waterproof to 120 meters (390 ft). This means the 160-gram (5.6-oz) flashlight can be submerged in 120 meters of water without getting damaged.

The Light and Motion GoBe Plus 500 also offers several mounting options.


  • The flashlight can be used a primary light.
  • The unit fits perfectly in the diver’s hand and conveniently in the pocket.
  • It offers excellent lighting.
  • Provides superb illumination.
  • Despite being a high output light, the unit does not get so hot to a point it can burn the user’s skin.
  • Has an excellent battery life.
  • The fact that the unit is charged from a standard USB port, one doesn’t have to carry additional power converters.
  • The unit is handy around the house as it can be safely used out of water.


Its a little bit more expensive than other dive lights.