Searching for a new dive light? The Archon Cree XM-L T6 LED 1000 d20 offers users a number of features that make it a top contender for novice, intermediate, and advanced divers alike. So, what are the product features that will help you in dark or unfamiliar conditions when diving?


With this dive light users will have 1000 lumens, with high, low, and strobe light functions available. The color temperature is rated at 6500 k, and it operates on two 18650 batteries (or one CR123A battery). With voltage output of 6 to 14 V, and a military anodized steel finish, it features a durable exterior casing. A 100 meter depth rating allows for shallow to mid-range dives, and with a max run time of 260 minutes (strobe setting), the light affords divers a few hours below sea-level.

The dive light provides several great features for divers; among these are:

  • Up to 1000 lumen and up to 14 V power.
  • It features a toughened, ultra-thick lens, which isn’t prone to breaks or cracks.
  • The anodized exterior steel body is durable, won’t rust, and can withstand tough conditions whilst diving.
  • It features a 5.5 degree hotspot range and 110 degree periphery, allowing you to see below and to your sides while diving with it.

Of course, as with every product, there are a few drawbacks one should consider when choosing this dive light. Some of the cons are:

  • Battery life can only run a couple of hours on high setting, so it might require a backup light for longer dives.
  • The price tag is a bit high for a mid-range dive light.
  • Lightweight design isn’t as powerful/sturdy as other dive lights in this product price range.

Overall, the dive light offers bright lighting, large periphery angle views, and a sturdy design frame. It isn’t perfect, but for novice and beginner divers, might be a good option when starting out for shorter dives.