Dive lights are a source of light carried by divers while underwater to illuminate the environment, ensure safe navigation, restore work or facilitate work, and for communication. The lights can be primary lights, which are very bright, durable and long-lasting or can be secondary lights, which are usually lightweight and compact. There are various types of dive lights which include; UK light Cannon eLED, ScubaPro Nova 230, SubGear Prolight SP30, ikelite Gamma, Light & Motion GoBE 700, Light & Motion Sidekick, Light &Motion Sola Photo 1200, UK SL4 Eled L1, Dorcy 411467 Dive II Submersible and LED Lenser D14.

ScubaPro Nova 230 is a sleek and compact dive light that is affordable. It is normally designed for primary light suitable for recreational uses and as a backup for tech-drivers. It can fit into a big BCD pocket since it contains a narrow beam. The UK light Cannon eLED can maintain its battery as power drops and still give an output of 850 lumens. Moreover, it can be used with a lantern grip, photo arm or a pistol grip. SubGear Prolight SP30 is 8.5 inches long and weighs a little over a pound. It is affordable and a compact design, meaning it can be used for backup. It features a bumpy grip, making it easy to hold, and has a narrow beam.

Additionally, Light & Motion GoBE 700 is a secondary light that is handheld and can be used underwater. It’s suitable for taking photos and videos and illuminating wide areas, which is so versatile. The Light & Motion Sola Photo 1200 can present plenty of red light and provides 1200 lumens. Overall, it is a quality light that helps divers take awesome pictures underwater. The Light & Motion Sidekick, designed to use with GoPro cameras, is lighter than a camera and adds a variety of ways to shoot photos or videos and change modes to get the light needed.

The ikelite Gamma is a one of the best available compact designs with high performance, and is also affordable. It is designed for hanging and weighs 5 ounces. The UK SL4 Eled L1 is a small size that fits in BCD pockets. It can be a backup light, yet has a long burn time with high brightness. The Dorcy 411467 Dive II Submersible has an output of 220 lumens and can be an option when underwater light is not required. Finally, the LED Lenser D14 can be used underwater and also on land. The torch gives 135 lumens of light and is a multipurpose light.