Manufactured in Italy, the Seac R2 dive torch is an improvement on the brand’s R1 model. It is compact, durable, and versatile. It is a very efficient torch as it produces an equal amount of light to similar technologies while using 13% less power.


  • It produces 282 lumens of pure white light which ensures clear visibility
  • Uses 4 Alkaline AAA batteries with a life of up to 22 hours when on strobe mode. When on the highest setting, it will run for 2.5 hours
  • Maximum depth recommended: 100m (330 ft)
  • Measurements: Diameter 42mm / Length 143mm / Weight 256 g
  • It has optical tempered glass to ensure durability
  • Equipped with an electromagnetic on/off switch that can be easily locked for storage or travel
  • It has a lanyard for easier handling, allowing you to attach the torch to your wrist or BCD
  • Made of aluminum to increase durability
  • Has L-ring and double O-ring radial seal to make it completely waterproof
  • 1 LED CREE XPG bulb to optimize the strength of the beam.


  • The aluminum housing makes it light as well as easy to maneuver
  • It produces a concentrated light beam that enables one to focus primarily on the object of interest
  • It saves power by 10-15% and can easily last a whole dive session
  • It has 3 modes of operation: standard, bright mode, and intermittent flashing. This makes it reliable in diverse conditions
  • It is completely waterproof and corrosion-free. It can serve you for a long time without getting damaged


  • It is not made for extremely deep waters and can only be used up to 330 ft
  • It is slightly larger and can be difficult for some divers to handle