A dive is the perfect time to take some stunning photographs and videos. Due to the challenging conditions of the underwater world, it is necessary to have the right equipment for this – namely, a good quality camera or video recorder and an appropriate light to illuminate the objects that you are capturing on screen. The I-Torch Venom38 Video Light is a favorite among underwater photographers and videographers, and for good reason – this easy to maneuver, responsive, and reliable light offers a variety of options and features.

Key Features

The most important thing to note about this light is that it provides plenty of bright illumination over a wide area. Its beam is a crisp 3000 lumens, and it will illuminate an area of 120 degrees. This means that you will find filming or taking photographs during a dive relatively easy as there is no need to worry about accurately pinpointing objects with the light (as you do when you have a narrower-angle beam).

There are also three LED colors to choose from with this light, so you can get the effect that you need: red, white and blue. The I-Torch Venom38 Video Light can be set to between three and four different power levels (the exact range of power levels available to you will depend on the color of LED that you are using) so that you can create an eerie, atmospheric effect if you like, or a dazzling and very lit up effect. Finally, this is a nice and compact little light, and it can be mounted onto your existing video and camera equipment as it comes with with a detachable mount.

Underwater photography can be very rewarding. So why not give it a go today? The I-Torch Venom38 Video Light is an excellent product for both amateurs and professionals alike.