For enthusiastic divers , underwater photographers, and videographers, one of the must-haves when it comes to equipment is a device that provides lighting. Luckily, divers now have a plethora of choices, one of the best being the Apollo Hi Max V14. The unit features a hard anodized surface and an aluminum alloy light head. Apart from being professionally designed, the video light is also easy to use.

The small and powerful flashlight provides a wide beam that delivers 2400 lumens of light to ensure maximum coverage. The LED spot light delivers 900 lumens, while the red LED light provides 140 lumens. All these modes have dimmable levels. The unit also comes with two UV LEDs.

Burn time

This unit has a one hour burn-time at full power, more than 2 hours at spot beam, and the LED red light can last for up to 10 hours. The LED UV light has a burn time of 5 hours.


The Apollo Hi Max V14 features a 100-degree wide beam for illuminating wide spaces, a 25-degrees spot light, a 100-degrees red focus light, and a 100-degree LED UV light.

Depth rating

The Apollo Hi-Max V14 can be effectively used by divers up to 100 meters.

Waterproof and shockproof construction

The Hi-Max V14 features an aviation aluminum alloy cover that provides excellent protection against water, shock and intrusion. Its robust build guarantees its durability.

Factory sealed

The Apollo Hi-Max V14 is factory sealed, meaning it can offer flood-free performance up to 330 ft deep.


  • A user can switch this flashlight to its various modes during a night dive with ease.
  • The model feels absolutely comfortable when held in the hand.
  • It offers a variety of advanced features for divers and underwater photographers.
  • The unit is easy to use as it does not feature complicated controls.
  • Provides powerful video light to ensure maximum lighting coverage.


Switching between its various modes can be complicated for novice divers.