Nemo has made one of the most powerful diver lights in the whole world, the Max Plank 6000. Professionals for underwater filming & nighttime search & rescue operations use this dive light. It is also very good for under water photography. It gives you the power of 6000 lumens so you can always beat the darkness of the ocean. This is not only an extremely functional dive light but it is practical too. It comes with three modes to chose from. These modes are majorly; blue light fish attractor mode, static red light mode & flashing red light mode.

The Importance of High Power Light For Divers:

A powerful light is essential for divers as the water absorbs the light coming from the sun & as a result, there is merely anything visible underwater. Moreover, without a powerful dive light like the Max Planck 6000, divers suffers from many vision-related problems under water, which can be harmful to their eyes. Some divers choose cheap dive lights for their work but in most of the cases, either those cheap lights stop working after a couple of minutes underwater or have an extremely low level of brightness. The Max Planck 6000 comes with a long lasting battery & 100-Watt of power capability, so with this powerhouse, you will not have to worry about any problems during your underwater or search & rescue operation.
The Benefits of LED Lights:

Nemo has made their Max Planck 6000 with the help of the latest technology of LEDs. LEDs have a lifespan of up to 60,000 hours whereas the life span of the incandescent bulbs is only 1,500 hours, which is 40 times less than the LEDs. These LEDs are also energy efficient & consume 90% less power than the Edison bulbs. The LEDs are environment-friendly, so you are not causing harm to the Mother Nature when using LEDs. By using LEDs you are future safe too, many people are replacing their traditional bulbs & CFLs for LEDs.
Why Aluminum Over Plastic:

As a diver, you will need a rough & tough dive light like Nemo’s Max Planck 6000, because you never know how deep you will have to go underwater or what you will find there. Therefore, for extra safety & reliability, Nemo have not used plastic in making the most powerful dive light instead, they have used Aluminum. You may ask, why aluminum? The answer is simple, plastics are weak & not durable when compared to aluminum, plastics are hard to recycle & decompose so it is not nature-friendly at all.
The importance of a wide beam with no “hot spots” for underwater photography

The wide-angle feature in the Max Planck 6000 lets you strike an intensive beam of light underwater easily. A wide beam is very important for a diver who wants to take photos or videos underwater. Without wide beams, you will end up with hot spots in your beautiful underwater pictures & videos, which will ruin them. By using the Max Planck 6000, you will not suffer from such problems & your pictures will be as beautiful as they were supposed to be.