For anyone in the market for a dive light, the ScubaPro Nova 230 dive light is a popular choice. This medium-sized LED light functions as a good primary light for recreational diving or works well as a secondary light for technical dives and night dives.

The lamp size is 7.6 by 1.7 inches and the torch weighs in at only 8.5 ounces without batteries. The light can be operated at depths of up to 120 meters and uses 3 alkaline C batteries that power the light fr 14-18 hours. The light puts out 230 lumens as its name indicates. These are the technical specifications of the light to help divers get an idea of what they can expect from the Nova 230.


  • Easy to keep track- light has a springy lanyard that can be clipped and kept secure during dives.
  • Excellent light source- the high output LED and well-designed reflector ensure that the light is pushed forward where it’s needed.
  • Durability- divers found that the light was durable and built to last.
  • Long battery life- up to 18 hours with three relatively inexpensive batteries ensures usability for multiple dives.
  • Excellent price/use ratio- this relatively inexpensive light has the same features as lights twice the price.


  • Difficult use in water- divers who used the light found that it was difficult to grip and turn on and off while diving. Most divers solved this problem by entering the water with the light switched on.
  • Non-rechargeable batteries- divers will need to keep track of their battery life and have extra available to avoid running out during dives.
  • Narrow focal beam- divers may have difficulty illuminating large areas with the beam, but that’s where a wider-beam primary light comes into play.
  • Secondary light- divers will likely need a higher powered dive light for cave diving but can use this as a day light or secondary light as needed

ScubaPro makes a variety of diving gear and works with divers to produce equipment that meets their needs. The ScubaPro 230 is no exception. For a lightweight dive light, the 230 works well and provides good value for the cost. However, this light can be cumbersome to turn on and off in the water and may not provide the power that every diver needs. Before purchasing, consider the type of light and specifications needed. Overall, the effectiveness and value of the product make it a good option for most divers.