The recent advancements in LED lighting technology have brought some awesome upgrades to the world of dive lights, but getting the right light still takes a fair amount of research – there are plenty of products on the market, but not all of them will fit each unique diver’s needs and preferences. For reliable lighting with a solid burn time, check out the Mares Torch EOS 5 LED dive light.

  • The torch is very compact, making it easy to carry and maneuver under water
  • Brightness: 620 lumens
  • It has a very intense white LED light that travels a far distance under water
  • It comes with shock-resistant LED bulbs
  • It easily fits in your pocket
  • The torch comes with a long-lasting battery that operates the light for 14-16 hours
  • Adjusting the light is very simple
  • There is a multi-functional switch that offers four functionalities: off, low, flash, and on.
  • Length: about 20cm
  • Weight: 211g
  • Comes with a wrist lanyard

Overall, the torch comes with a good number of advantages for the average diver.


  • The hard-anodized aluminum body is exceptionally durable
  • The battery life is amazing given the lumen output of the dive light
  • Very bright and allows you to see a far distance
  • Lightweight, making it easy to travel with, dive with, and work with
  • Can work as a primary or secondary dive light depending on where and when you plan to dive


  • The price of the torch is somewhat high when compared to similar products from other manufacturers

Outside of the features offered with this torch, we’d also like to note that Mares offers solid customer service and provides an array of replacement parts, including batteries, for all of their products. Replacement batteries and an upgraded float strap are readily available for the Mares Torch EOS 5 L.E.D.