Form meets function with the latest version of the Ikelight Gamma handheld scuba diving light, which is now 60% brighter thanks to the latest generation of LEDs that offers a far greater concentration of optic light. As is the case with many of Ikelight’s products, it all begins with their trademark aircraft grade aluminum and high precision machining.

The result is an anti-slip contour that’s ergonomically optimized. Unlike other diving lights, with the Ikelite Gamma there are no unnecessary extra grooves and texturing on the body of the light. Often times, instead of providing greater grip, these superfluous details make it so the light actually ends up getting snagged on pockets and carrying cases. In contrast, the Ikelite Gamma can be retrieved and stored smoothly when you need it.

The light casing features military grade anodization and a double O-ring, allowing it to function completely up to a depth of 400 feet (120 meters). A switch at the base of the unit also stands up to high corrosion testing and provides continuous or momentary light as needed at the push of a button.

As is the case with all of Ikelite’s products, the Gamma diving light is fabricated and assembled by hand in the United States, and each individual unit is tested in the water. The company has more than 50 years of experience in the scuba industry specifically, and a well-earned reputation for excellence to maintain.

Ikelite Gamma Specifications

  • 400-foot depth rating
  • 350 Lumen
  • Beam Angle 10 degrees
  • Color Temperature of 6500K
  • Powered by 2 CR123 Batteries
  • 5.6 x 1.4 Inches (142 x 36 mm) and weighs 4 ounces (approx. 120 grams)


  • An optional 1″ ball mount and 1/2″ or 3/4″ flex arm systems make it easy to attach the Ikelight Gamma to an underwater camera housing.
  • The Diffuser M27 attachment can be used to widen the beam angle from 10 to 30 degrees for wider coverage (optional).
  • Available in multiple colors, including black, silver, purple, pink, and red, which is somewhat rare with dive lights.
  • The unique tail switch lets you turn the light on for just a few seconds, or keep it on for the duration of your dive.


  • As the product does contain small amounts of mercury, special care must be taken to dispose of it in accordance with local environmental regulations.

At first glance, you wouldn’t think this light offers the usability that it does, but that’s far from the truth. With it’s adjustable beam angle and comfortable contoured handle, it’s a solid product for divers of all levels of experience.