The Underwater Kinetics Mini Q40 is a high intensity and lightweight LED torch that is easy to attach to your mask strap to give you hand’s free illumination. In fact, it is quite bright and can outshine many torches 3 times its size. The Underwater Kinetics Mini Q40 projects light through a twin element optics system to provide a medium beam for an excellent close-up view of marine life.

Features of the Underwater Kinetics Mini Q40

  • Depth rating of 152.4 meters or 500 feet.
  • 40 Lumens of light with a beam distance is 95 meters or 311 feet.
  • 2.1-watt bright xenon lamp. This gives a light as white as sunlight which goes further than ordinary incandescent light. It also lasts much longer. In fact, it can burn for hours and this also makes the Mini Q40 light a good safety backup torch.
  • The alkaline battery can deliver up to 5 hours of bright light, while the Lithium battery can give up to 10 hours of white light.
  • The power controls provide constant light output throughout the battery life.
  • Fits Ultra Light, Sea and Sea, and other camera mounting adapters. This makes it ideal for photographers as a spotting light.
  • Lightweight and tough. It has a poly-carbonate plastic and non-corroding ABS construction. The torch doesn’t have a filament or glass and the LED will not break if dropped. In fact, its design gives it excellent protection against shock, water, and intrusion.
  • Waterproof On/Off bezel.
  • Rubber sheath over the bezel improves impact resistance. It also reduces glare.
  • Uses a disposable AA battery


  • Excellent value for the money
  • Gives great light
  • Burns for hours. Can double as a good close up and back up light.
  • Lightweight, small, waterproof, and tough.
  • Ideal for photographers as a spotting light.


  • Not powerful enough for some diving situations
  • Depth rating is only 152.4 meters