The UK Light Cannon eLED dive light is a splendid upgrade of the renowned UK Light Cannon. The unit delivers an outstanding 1,100 lumen output, lighting up a night dive, wreck dive, or any dive where a strong primary light is needed.

UK Light Cannon eLED Features

  • The UK Light Cannon eLED dive light features two power modes for purposes of maximum flexibility and extended battery life. Divers can power the unit up to 1,100 lumens on high mode in applications where more light is required. Equally, a user can dial the power down to a very powerful 440 lumens on low mode in order to conserve the battery.
  • The unit is powered by eight disposable C-cell alkaline batteries with a burn time of 11 hours on high mode and 16 hours on low mode.
  • The user-friendly switch activates the beam and enables the diver to select the desired power mode.
  • The UK Light Cannon eLED comes with a long life, airline-safe, and rechargeable battery pack. This makes the unit great for traveling divers who do not want to purchase batteries at their destinations. The optional rechargeable battery pack can power this unit up to 2100 lumens of brightness for a burn time of 2 hours in high mode and 900 lumens of brightness in low mode for 5.5 hours of burn time.
  • This dive light comes with a pair of water-cooled high-intensity LEDs that deliver more than 10 watts of power. The power control circuit helps to maintain constant brightness.
  • It’s made of a robust, non-corroding composite plastic that does not scratch, chip, dent or get corroded. Its depth rating is 150 meters (550ft) deep. Furthermore, the bezel reflector is made from Hydralum, an engineering polymer component that will holds up to 20 years of exposure to seawater.
  • The unit features UK patented LED cooling designs to ensure the best performance underwater.
  • The unit comes complete with a safety lanyard. Divers can carry it anywhere with a lot of ease.


  • Easy to use.
  • Its small in size hence very mobile.
  • It produces awesome bright light.
  • The light switch is conveniently placed.
  • The unit has only three settings: off, high, and low, keeping the options available simple.
  • It comes with an adjustable wrist strap that fits all wrist sizes.
  • Batteries are simple and quick to replace.
  • Comes a with limited warranty through Underwater Kinetics.
  • The light is very bright even on dim mode.


  • The knob on the front seems a bit flimsy – like it can break easily.