The UK C8 eLED L2 waterproof light is one of the most superior underwater dive lights on the market. It is a must have piece of equipment for divers. To enjoy the beauty of the marine life, one needs to have a light that is bright enough to use both during the daytime and at night. During the day one can use the light to take a peek into dark caves and crevices while at night it is essential for navigation.


  • Lumens: The light boasts 1200 lumens, which makes it one of the brightest dive lights out there. It is constructed to concentrate 90% of the lumens toward the center of the beam for enhanced brightness.
  • Battery: Comes with a long life alkaline battery that can last up to 20 hours. Additionally, it has an extra NiMH rechargeable battery pack.
  • Depth rating: The light can go down to 500ft/152.40 m.
  • It is a twin LED light meaning that it is relatively cheaper than some HID lights and also more durable.


  • The lumen output at the center of the beam helps the light to be brighter than most lights. It makes it ideal for peeking into crevices.
  • The rechargeable battery has an extended life lasting up to 10 years with recommended care.
  • The dive light can withstand abuse with its strong construction. Its rubber bezel also helps to protect it in the case of impact.
  • The C8 light has a pistol grip which is efficient in gripping the light under water without it slipping out of the hands, which many divers experience with stick-style dive lights.


  • Its standard battery only has an output of 900 lumens. Therefore, one has to fit in the rechargeable battery for increased efficiency and to get the maximum 1200 lumen brightness.
  • The light is limited in the width of its beam thereby limiting how wide a diver can see.
  • Being a primary light, it is quite heavy (1.02kg) compared to other lights.