Light and Motion is a lighting company based out of Marina, California that focuses on lighting systems specifically designed for athletes. Whether you’re hiking along the Appalachian trail, diving into the abyss of Lake Eerie, or pedaling through the dense forests of Washington State, they have a product that will work for any terrain. For divers, Light and Motion has gone above and beyond by creating products that have the versatility and durability needed for any depth of exploration.

Light and Motion carries one of the top diving light lines on the market – SOLA. Under this line, Light and Motion has released the SOLA Video 2000 Flood light. This is one of the company’s most compact and brightest products, providing a 60-degree beam angle which is perfect for underwater video and photography enthusiasts. Complete with a 100-meter depth rating and a 2000-lumen flood output, this is the ideal choice for the professional diver. The only downsides to this product is it can only hold a charge on its highest setting for up to 45 minutes and it carries a hefty price tag.

Light and Motion does carry a more affordable choice, the GOBE 850 Wide. This light is one of the premier brands that is considered “the ultimate waterproof flashlight.” With a 60-degree flood beam, this light was created to have a full field of vision with smooth and even light. Weighing in at only 178 grams, this light can hold a charge for up to 1.5 hours on the highest possible setting. With an 850-lumen output certified to the FL-1 standard, it is also waterproof for up to 120 meters, which is ideal for both the novice and professional divers.

Behind the GOBE 850 Wide, is the GOBE S 700 Spot. With a slightly cheaper price tag, this light is designed for more general use as a standard flashlight. This light is built for functionality with a 10-degree spot beam and a 700-lumen output which is slightly less than its big brother. Waterproof up to 120 meters and with a battery life of 1.5 hours, this light is a good choice with a much more economical price tag.