Military dive lights are some of the most advanced and efficient dive lights. These types of dive lights are made to provide great illumination no matter what time of the day they are used. Military/tactical dive lights are usually used by US Navy Seals, Police Officers, Fire Departments and Search and Rescue personnel. The features are as follows:

1. Ultra tough and compact construction:
Tactical dive lights have an ultra tough and compact construction. The aim of this is to ensure that the dive lights can withstand the adverse conditions of deep underwater diving. The compact design makes it easy to carry.

2. Rechargeable AA and AAA batteries:
Military/tactical dive lights make use of rechargeable AA and AAA batteries, which provide a longer operation time and better illumination.

3. Adjustable and telescopic focusing beam:
A military dive light has an adjustable and telescopic focusing beam which makes it possible to see distant objects underwater with the dive light.

4. Waterproof and slip resistant design:
A military dive light is usually made to be waterproof and slip resistant in order to cope with the hazardous demands of military underwater diving.

5. Ultra clear glass lens and anti-reflective coating:
A military dive light usually has an ultra clear glass lens which is meant to increase illumination and improve visibility underwater.

7. Lightweight:
Military dive lights are usually lightweight in order to improve the mobility of military divers.

Product Recommendations:
1. Cree XM-L T6 LED 1000 Military Dive Light D20:
This is a military dive light that is made with durable aircraft grade aluminum. The dive light uses rechargeable batteries and provides a great beam and high quality illumination.

2. Apollo Hi Max V14:
The Apollo Hi Max V14 is a durable dive light that is great for deep under water military diving. The dive light is durable and highly efficient.