It does not matter if you are a photographer, underground welder or you do any other work underwater, you need light to do it properly. In some cases, a handheld light can do the work for you, but in most of cases, you may need a steady light focused on a particular object. In that situation, it is always a good idea to use a dive light tripod instead of holding the equipment in your hand. With this simple gear, you can get a lot of benefits that you may not get with the hand held lights.

Talking about advantages of a tripod for your dive light, it gives you the freedom to do your job without any personal limitations – you’re essentially hands-free. If you mount the dive light on your body, then you need to move your body in a particular angle to illuminate the area. But with the help of a tripod, your dive light will have complete focus on the area, and you can move as you like.

Use of a tripod for dive lights gives you more freedom with how you focus the light, as opposed to a handheld or body mounted light. If you need the light on any particular spot for a longer duration, then you will get tired after some time, and your focus may shift from your job to keeping the light steady and where you need it. However, these kinds of problems are not going to be there with a tripod, and it will stay steady and still for hours.

Needless to say, when you have a steady light, then you will be able to pay more attention to your work, and you will find yourself more productive as well. So, if you do any underwater work, then you should have a tripod for your favorite dive light, and it will certainly increase your productivity.