Since they came onto the market in 2007, Big Blue has proved to be the only dive light manufacturer that has aggressively pursued new innovations in handheld LED torches, video lights, recreational lights and other lighting accessories. Big Blue offers some of the most affordable and technologically advanced LED dive lights on the market. The dive light manufacturer incorporates the latest LED technologies into their torches, producing the most efficient illumination.

The following are the top selling Bigblue dive lights:

1. Big Blue AL450WG

This is one of the best dive lights produced by Bigblue. The AL450WG is a compact light with a powerful output. It offers a 450-lumen output, a 40-degree beam angle, a burn time of up to four hours at full lumen output, 100 meters depth rating, a twisting bezel for on/off function, an anodized aluminum body, and a lanyard. This light also comes with Goodman-glove.

2. Big Blue 1000 lumen headlights

This head-mounted LED light features 1000 lumens of brightness. Mounted on an adjustable head strap, these headlights are powered by a rechargeable 18650 battery. The 1000N model features an 8-degree narrow beam while the 1000XW features a 120-degree wide beam.

  • Depth rating: 100 meters.
  • Burn time – I=20hrs, II=8hrs, III=4hrs, IV=2hrs
  • Push-button switching system
  • Poly-carbonate body

3. Bigblue CF450GL

This dive light has a wide array of features that make it perfect for divers. A user can easily switch between the 7-degrees narrow beam and the 37-degrees focusing beam.

  • Comes with a magnetic on/off swivel switch to allow operation with one hand.
  • Features anti-corrosive aluminum alloy construction to ensure its durability.
  • 450-lumen output
  • Burn time of up to four hours at full lumen output
  • Depth rating: 100 meters
  • Powered by 3 “AAA” batteries

4. Big Blue AL1200XWP

The AL1200XWP features a wide beam angle of 120 degrees, 1200-lumen output, push-button on/off switch, 100 meters depth rating, battery-level indicator, and an anodized aluminum body. This dive light comes with a mounting clip for easy camera system set-up, as well as a red and yellow filter.

5. Big Blue AL1200NP

This dive light features a more narrow beam angle at 10 degrees. It comes with a push-button on/off switch, 1200-lumen output, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and a battery-level indicator. The AL1200NP features a 100 meters depth rating, and an anodized aluminum body.

Be it simple recreational dive lights or full-blown technical underwater illumination systems, Big Blue has it all.