Traveling ‘light’ is difficult when you’re planning to dive, but you can reduce bulk and weight by opting for lightweight dive lights. Shoot for lights typically used as secondary lights, as they’re generally smaller and significantly less bulky than primary lights. If you’re planning on a night dive, you’ll need at least one brighter light on hand to act as your primary light, but you can find compact, lightweight dive lights for travel in that category as well.


The Underwater Kinetics SL 3 and SL 4 dive lights are among the most sold lightweight dive lights for travel in the world. The Mini Q40, made by the same brand, is a close competitor in terms of sales, and even comes with a mask attachment strap.

The Phantom Aquatics 1500 gives an option of adjusting its brightness to either the high, medium or low setting, yet it still delivers ultra-bright light perfect for night dives and cave diving. It uses magnets for its switches, so it’s extremely easy to use underwater. It is a firm favorite among professional divers.

Featuring a bright LED lamp with an output of 500 lumens, the UK Aqualite S-20 offers great performance underwater. It has a wrist strap that makes it comfortable, and its relatively compact size means it’s not going to take up a huge amount of space in your luggage.

The pocket size IST Sports Lumo is another suitable lightweight dive light. Its high-grade aluminum body makes it strong and durable. It maintains a consistent 800 lumen output right until the moment the batteries run completely dry. With its different operation modes, it can be conveniently used in a variety of underwater situations and there are plenty of ways to manage the burn time.

With these lights, you can absolutely get the lumen output you need without weighing down your bag.