Whenever you head into the unknown world under the water’s surface, you need the proper level of light at all times. As the sunlight fades while you go deeper, light will be needed for all kinds of purposes, from exploration to photography, videos to biology trips.

The market has brought a variety of affordable flashlight style dive lights throughout the years, which are ergonomic and very useful to both beginning and professional divers. Here’s our top 5 low budget flashlights that work perfectly for beginners.

1. ScubaproNovalight 220
Only 3.5 inches long for an ergonomic design, this one is compact and rugged with 2 power settings as well as an emergency mode. Powered with a CR123 battery, the Novalight flashlight has 220 lumens of light output and a depth rating of 120 meters.

2. Scubapro Flashy LED Flash
This mini flashing marker light makes things much easier on night dives. Scubapro rigged this one with a long lasting battery offering 12 hours of burn time for an extensive diving experience. This little gadget operates 100 meters underwater with no difficulties.

3. Light & Motion Sidekick Duo
This one features 600 lumens, spot and flood beams, and an ergonomic size smaller than a camera. With an easy-to-use 2 button operation, it also features an adapter for any GoPro Hero model.

4. Ikelite Gamma II
Ikelite hits the sweet spot when it comes to the shape, size and feel of this flashlight style dive light. It features a narrow and concave aluminum body that fits in both small and large hands, hitting top scores when it comes to comfort and grip security. It’s a great option for a low-power secondary light.

5. UK SL3 eLED
This flashlight’s capabilities exceed anyone’s expectations. The plastic casing is waterproof to 500 feet. Designed as a backup light, it also works great as a primary light for daytime diving.