Although diving spot lights can help divers find their way underwater, some situations require the addition of a cave dive beacon to your array of equipment and diving torches. These dive lights can provide adequate lighting in hard to reach places, something a hand-held spot light is not in a position to accomplish on its own. Dive beacons are also great in that they are great substitutes for glow-sticks so you and your diving buddies can easily keep track of each other as you explore or work.

Dive beacons are helpful in situations where the diver’s light source needs to be beyond arm’s length, literally speaking. Therefore, this light source will be perfect when searching for something specific in underwater caves without the diver having to get in the cave themselves.

They are able to accomplish this because they are attached to a string so that they can light up the point of focus while the diver is still at a safe distance. They are also light, typically weighing a few grams, which means unlike spot lights and other heftier dive light sources, they have practically no risk of failing when they knock against the often hard underwater terrain.

Basically, when looking for a dive beacon light for exploring underwater caves divers should be on the lookout for the product quality, light strength, and the water depth at which the beacon light can supply the light reliably. In fact, shoppers also have the option of selecting their preferred light color. Options in this case include red, blue, white, and yellow.

Some great dive beacons for caves include the Promate Firefly Glow Dive Beacon LED, which can work for up to 20 hours. Another great dive beacon is the I-Torch I-Buddy Beacon Firefly LED High-Viz Signal Tank Light which can also last for up to 20 hours in addition to surviving depths of up to 330 feet. These beacon lights are small and professionally made to serve divers reliably.