Ikelite dive lights underwater systems is a company from Indianapolis, Indiana that makes underwater housings for a number of cameras. The company is also a pioneer in the field of underwater photography, and was the innovator behind the use of O-rings to seal off underwater lights, including the bulbs, and they also revolutionized the original diving compass to incorporate a rotating bezel as well as direct-reading degrees. The company was started by a man named Ike Brigham, who went on a wreck diving trip in 1962 with his friends. Unfortunately, he found his diving lights to be inadequate – they either imploded or leaked. On his drive home, he came up with the idea that eventually became Ike’s light, which is the aforementioned dive light with the sealed bulb.

Some top dive lights from Ikelite include the Gamma II waterproof flashlight, which features a 350-lumen, 10-degree beam, a 400 ft /120 m depth rating, and it accepts 2 CR123 batteries. This dive light feels very comfortable in the hand, and has an ergonomic grip. The Gamma II is built with aircraft grade aluminum and has a little bit of texture to the handle, so that it isn’t too slippery, but doesn’t snag inside of your pocket. Also, it features a special tail switch that enables alternation between continuous and momentary lighting.

The PCa LED Waterproof flashlight is also nice, it has a 300 ft (90 m) depth rating, 205 lumen concentrated spot beam, and accepts 6 AA NiMH or Alkaline batteries. The LED bulbs have a life span 50 to 100 times that of standard incandescent lamps, making replacement bulbs nearly unnecessary.

The PCa Halogen waterproof flash is another excellent choice, with its 300 ft (90 m) depth rating and 7.2w concentrated spot beam. It accepts 6 AA NiMH or Alkaline batteries. This light has high intensity and a standard PR style base. The batteries are secured with a unique lock ring that is designed to prevent flooding. The rubber and BAS construction provides durability and is also corrosion proof. This Ikelite dive light has 2.5 hours in burn time.