A diving torch is a key piece of equipment to own both for novice and professional divers alike. As it gets really dark in the depths of the oceans, in order to clearly view everything around you, it is important to carry a diving torch. A perfect diving torch will make your diving experience an amazing one. These are the 8 factors to look at when making your decision.

1. Light Output
The light output of a torch is measured in lumens. A torch with higher lumens will emit more light when compared to the one with lesser lumens.

2. Light Beam
The angle of the light beam emitted by the torch is an important criterion to consider. A narrow beam will be more suited for focusing light to a particular area whereas a wide angle beam will help to light up a larger area.

3. Brightness
The brightness of the torch is related to the light output and beam. Brighter isn’t always better – you may not be able to see the intricate details of your dive due to suspended particles in the water that reflect overly-bright light back at you.

4. Battery Life
There are 2 kinds of batteries when it comes to a diving torch, namely rechargeable and non rechargeable. A rechargeable, while good for the environment, has a disadvantage – with usage, the battery life gets shorter. On the other hand, a non-rechargeable will last longer. If you wish to dive for long hours, then a non-rechargeable battery is the one to go with.

5. Ease of Use
Ease of using a diving torch is determined by how easily and intuitively you can operate the switches, controls, emergency flash etc.

6. Depth
As a diver, the depth that you are planning to explore is an important criterion to be considered. If you carry a light that is not compatible with its set depth, then it might break and malfunction.

7. Time of Dive
If you going for diving during the day, it is better to carry a torch with a narrow beam as it will help you to see clearly through the rocks and narrow openings. Whereas, if you are going for a night dive, it is better to carry both a primary and secondary torch. Also, for night dives, a torch with a wide angle beam will help you to navigate better.

8. Weight, Size and Handle
Ease of carrying a diving torch is determined by its size, weight and the grip of the handle. These factors may vary depending on whether you are going to hold, strap or mount the torch.