Orca offers superior LED lighting for divers. With a range of lightweight and long-lasting dive lights, divers can depend on Orca for bright and efficient underwater lighting.

Safety First

Orca’s Torpedo, a lightweight and long-lasting signal light, helps divers keep in touch visually. They come in five colors so each team member is easily identified by color. This tiny light lasts for over 200 hours on three LR44 batteries and is great for night and cave diving. The Torpedo has a looped strap to attach the light to the diver’s wrist or ankle.

When Brightness Matters For Clear Video

Orca’s top-of-the-line D620 primary canister video light is designed for brightness in dark situations such s night and cave diving. Lock the switch by rotating it 90 degrees to avoid turning the light on or off accidentally. The light comes with an adjustable rotary handle and it runs on 4 PCS 18650 batteries. The maximum output is 2700 lumens, which gives divers great lighting in dark situations. The D620 is a 2016 Design Award winner. Divers will appreciate going to 150 meters (492 feet), and the saltwater-resistant coating and toughened glass make the D620 a great diving tool.

Personal Lighting for Safe Diving

The Orca line of personal lighting provides safety you can trust underwater. The D800 exhibits the superior features divers can trust. This torch produces up to 2100 lumens for great underwater visibility, and the LED lights boast a 50,000 hour lifespan. The rotating on-off switch is easy to use in diving situations.

The burn time on two 26650 batteries is well over three hours, with a maximum of 3 hours 20 minutes, giving divers trustworthy lighting for extended dives. The torch is sturdily constructed to resist water pressure up to 150 meters (492 feet). The light has a wide 65-degree beam angle, and the torch comes with a protective case complete with batteries, charger, an extra O-ring, and a lanyard.

Professional and recreational divers can trust Orca for reliable, safe, long-lasting lighting to fit a variety of diving needs.