Diving is one of the most pleasing as well as exciting activities around. Having a good dive light is essential whether you are planning to night dive or explore underwater caves. There are many types of diving for you to experience once you have your own set of scuba gear for your needs and this is what makes diving more enjoyable as well as addictive. Having appropriate scuba equipment along with dive accessories that are durable and reliable help you to have an enjoyable dive. Here are the top 10 best dive lights of 2017.

1. Phantom Aquatics 1500

The Phantom Aquatics 1500 features three levels of brightness to adjust depending on the situation. This dive light is narrow, with compact size and a bright beam.

2. Underwater Kinetics Eled

This kind of dive light delivers powerful 825 lumens illumination and maintains this brightness throughout the battery life. It features a wide beam which is ideal for taking photos along with videos.

3. Scubapro Nova 230

This dive light is medium in size with extended runtime batteries as well as rugged construction. It’s affordable and suitable for recreational divers.

4. Light and Motion Gobe 700

This dive light has a wide beam which plays a vital role for night diving. It’s quite compact, ultralight as well as affordable.

5. Sealife Sea Dragon 650

This dive light is well built and compact that provides a bright as well as wide angle. Besides that, this dive light works well with a GoPro and a free GoPro camera mount.

6. Princeton Tec 5

This torch is lightweight, compact as well as powerful. It guarantees 24 hours of brightness. It provides a powerful 550-lumens full beam.

7. IST Sports Lumo

This dive light feature 800 lumens and three selectable operation modes. It’s very resistant made from high-grade aluminum. The torch works perfectly on land and underwater.

8. Underwater Kinetics Equalities S-20

This dive light is compact and comfortable. It attributes a bright 500 lumens LED lamp, concentrated spot-focusing beam and long runtime performance.

9. Light and Motion Sola 800

This dive light is very powerful, ultra-light and compact dive torch. Ideally, this versatile dive light comes with two primary functions; a narrow spot beam as well as a massive flood. This dive light can be used in any situation since it’s very popular.

10. Dive Rite LX20

Finally, this is a top-end dive light that features 20,000 LUX. This dive light has great brightness, a rotary magnetic on/off switch, a six-degree well-built light with a compact size that makes it a perfect type of diving.