Under water dive lights are used by divers for easy visibility while under the surface of the water. Dive lights come in handy in situations where there is limited or no natural light from the sun that penetrates beneath the surface of the water. Water absorbs longer wavelengths so the brighter the dive light is the better visibility would be enhanced. High power dive light are essential because they prevent physical under water accidents or injuries caused by lack of sufficient or completely no lights.

LED lights

LED lights are emitted in narrow band of wave lengths and have a much greater lifespan. LED s are able to emit more light both under water surface and on the ground by use of multiple chips which emit red, blue and green wavelengths which combine to produce a white light.

As compared to incandescent light sources LED s do not produce heat that would be rather uncomfortable to a diver.

LED s are also known to reduce energy costs when compared to incandescent lighting, therefore using LED lights saves costs that would be incurred during operation.

Maintenance costs of LED s is far much cheaper with no lamp replacements and LED s are proved to last 2 to 5 times longer compared to fluorescent lighting.


Insufficient light for under water photography would cause your photograph to lack color because the under water surface has less illumination which originates from natural light; your photograph would be gray. For better photography experience light with a wide beam (100 or greater) is essential as it would effectively illuminate your background. While some underwater light beams can be adjusted depending on their type, high power is able to focus intense beam on the desired spot to produce high quality photographs. An example of a great dive light is the Max Planck 6000 from Nemo power tools which emits 6000 lumens using 10 Cree LED s consisting of 10 watts each to produce light, emitting awesome light for wide angle illumination suitable for professional under water photography and videography eliminating the need of under water hot spots for photography.

Max Planck 6000

The Max Planck 6000 from Nemo Power tools is the best diver lights in the market with its 12 cm long flashlight and a 6.5 cm diameter; it contains 4 lithium ion batteries with a charge time of 2 hours which is a time saver and would not be keeping you waiting long hours for it to be fully charged. When fully charged the 4 lithium ion batteries can operate for duration of 1 hour at high intensity.

To reduce the burden of carrying it around it contains a 10.05 cm by 6cm by 3 cm Goodman handle, the Max Planck 6000 is also very light weighing 440 g when above water while 40 g underwater almost weightless.

This product is made using Aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, aluminum bears stronger tensile strength when compared to plastic and this would prevent breaking of the Max Planck 6000 after a fall making it durable.

Aluminum is also degradable and would decompose when disposed thus causing no environmental problem while plastic does not decompose, the Max Planck 6000 can be disposed without any worry of environmental degradation.

On the aspect of electricity conduction aluminum is a good conductor of electricity, plastic is poor at electricity conduction. When searching for the best diver light make the right choice and shop for the Max Planck 6000 from Nemo Power tools.