1200 lumen dive lights are some of the best dive lights for deep sea and cave diving, providing the perfect balance of full illumination without causing whiteouts. Quality lights have a tough aluminum design, offering protection against knocks, substantial depth ratings, and an ergonomic design that’s comfortable to use. The following products are user-friendly, reliable, and consistently rated as favorites by professional and experienced divers.


Mares EOS 12RZ 1200 Lumen Dive Light

Touted as one of the most powerful dive lights on the market, this dive light comes with 3 high power LED lights. Its beam is adjustable, allowing for the diver to alternate between moderate light to bright light, as well as wide and narrow beam angles. This also comes with two high-power Li-ion batteries that can be recharged, allowing the diver to save money by avoiding buying batteries repeatedly.

BlueFire 1200LM Xml-L2 Dive Light

The BlueFire 1200 lumen dive light is designed to allow a stable flow of light which makes it perfect for cave divers. It comes with an arm strap and an excellent, bright light, perfectly built for professional divers and underwater photographers. The batteries are also rechargeable and the light can be held with cold hands deep underwater with no problems. It can also be used for other activities like hiking and camping.

UK SL4 eLED L1 1200 Lumen Dive Light.

This is a simply built but powerful light that gives the diver the convenience of switching the light on and off quite easily whenever he feels like doing so. Perhaps its greatest selling point is the fact that batteries are easily changed and the dive light comes with a hand strap.

1200 lumen dive lights can be used as primary lights during the day or at night, and function as a secondary light when you’re deep in a cave or taking a midnight dip. As with any light, always test the product out first before you take it on your first official dive.