Halcyon offers a variety of primary dive lights to choose from, all of which are depth rated to 300ft/90meters and come with a choice of either a 21-watt HID or a 12-watt LED light head option. They can also be fitted with either an underwater quick disconnect (E/O) or a continuous cord. Primary dive lights offered by Halcyon include the Halcyon Focus and Flare lights, the Focus 2.0, the EOS LED primary light and the Explorer primary light.

The Focus and Flare lights come in three versions. All offer an adjustable beam that switches between an intense focus to a wide beam for video purposes. The Halcyon Flare Handheld is a fixed-beam cordless light. All of the Halcyon Focus and Flare lights can run on either a 5.3 amp-hour(Ah) battery pack or a 2.6 amp-hour(Ah) pack. The Focus, on max power, has a lux rating of 39,300 at 1 meter, while the Flare offers a lux rating of 11,500 at 1 meter.

Halcyon’s Focus 2.0 comes in either a corded or handheld version. All versions run off a 5.2Ah li-ion battery pack with a 3 hour burn time on high and a 5.5 hour burn time on low. These series of lights offer 80,000 lux at 1 meter. The EOS LED primary lights offer a switch that can double the battery life, have a lifecycle expectancy of 20,000 hours of use, and are mounted in a Type 3, Class 2 Mil-Spec hard coated aluminum frame. The charger for this light has a switchable universal input that works with 110-240v. The EOS lights can run off of 4.5Ah, 9Ah or 13.5Ah battery packs with a lux rating of 13,100 at 1 meter.

When it comes to the Explorer Primary lights, a unique feature is that they offer the first sealed watertight Delrin lid design that isolates the battery compartment from both the cord and the light head. This 21-watt HID system can be used with the following Explorer battery packs: 4.5Ah, 9Ah, 13.5Ah and 27Ah.