The power of sight is known to be one of the most important elements in human beings, but being able to see underwater gives you the ability to maneuver and enjoy scenery that is rare to the eye.
Bersub dive lights are on the front line of the industry, providing quality products for consumers of all diving interests. They imbue their range of products with precision and quality. Equipped with the latest LED technology, any Bersub dive light provides high brightness and superb efficiency along with a long lifespan.
Take the B-One flashlight for starters. The simplicity is amazing. It has an output of 900 Lumens with a depth rating of 300m and is powered by 3 AA/LR6 batteries.
The Focus 2/6 flashlight is another masterpiece. Best known for photo/ video exploration, it has a multipower feature and 2 LEDs that emit up to 1200 Lumens and 6 LEDs that emit up to 3000 Lumens. It has a depth rating of 300m and is powered by high capacity 7.4V Lithium batteries.
The Vario Halogen lamp is also exceptional. This 50 watt light emitting  1700 Lumens comes with a wrist strap and its size, 180 x 80mm, helps divers maintain excellent mobility. Security features worth mentioning are the hydrogen catalyst, moisture sensor, watertight self-cleaning micro switch, patented safety valve and external charging pins.
As professionals, we always try to stick with quality products. Quality products are made by qualified companies, and Bersub fits the bill. Having been on the market since 1988 they have mastered the art of manufacturing high quality, reliable, easy to use products for all divers, professional and recreational alike. It is safe to say that their product range is among the most commonly used in all underwater activity be it coral fishing, engineering, and construction, filmmaking, or exploration.