In its 10 years of delivering advanced designs and high-quality dive lights, Bigblue has proven itself to be among one of the best diving equipment companies around. This has been continuously reinforced by its use of some of the latest light technologies to produce quality portable illumination for underwater uses, including both night and day diving. Bigblue dive lights range from recreational lights to concentrated beam lights and wide beam dive lights for photographers and videographers.
One of the best selling Bigblue dive lights includes the Bigblue AL1200WP. This recreational light has a light output of 120-1200 lumens on minimum and maximum power, respectively. It features an anodized anti-corrosive aluminum alloy body and can comfortably sink to a depth of 300ft/100m. It comes with a rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery which will last you between 2-20hrs depending on the brightness you set the light to.
At a maximum of 3100 lumens, the Supreme TL3100P light is a good primary light. It comes with a 10-degree spotlight beam with a lantern style handle. At maximum brightness, the battery lasts a minimum of 3 hours, with a 30-hour burn time at a minimum brightness of 310 lumens. These Bigblue dive lights have been designed to reach a maximum depth of 100 meters. The self-contained light also features a battery indicator and an SOS function making it a flexible and adaptable diving light for any diver.
The AL2600XWP, also nicknamed the “Black Molly 3 “, is one of the best underwater dive lights for photographers and videographers. It features a 120 degree beam and boasts a built-in red LED that enables you to work even at night. It comes with an easy to remove 26650 Li-ion battery and delivers 2600 lumens at high-power; at this setting, the light will burn for 2 hours. At 260 lumens, you will get a minimum of 20 hours of light. The light has been tested and works well for depths up to 100 meters.