With brightness as high as 1200 lumens on high power, this powerful dive light from Underwater Kinetics will deliver true value and further make for an excellent diving experience. The primary C cell alkaline batteries give up to 900 lumens on full-power mode, providing you with up to 5.8 hours of bright light. On low power mode, you will get up to 20 hours with a brightness of just 400 lumens. An optional battery pack can be included in the buy as well. This rechargeable battery pack will give you at least 3 hours of light at 1200 lumens on high power, and 560 lumens on low power with a guaranteed 5 hours of battery life.

A consistent beam strength for the duration of the light’s battery life is achieved by the regulated power output included in the light’s design. The battery is not only well designed but also purposed to last at least 10 years with normal use, making it one of the best primary dive lights of 2017.

The c8 has been purposely designed as a primary light and works only in spotlight mode. It uses UK’s patented 2 eLED optics system, enabling it to focus more than 90% of all its light to the beam’s center. This will eliminate any glare and light scatter. The focused light also has a depth rating of 150m/500ft. This range makes it suitable for all types of diving and even spearfishing.

This light has a solid ergonomic design and a composite body, resisting damage from bumps and knocks and repeated exposure to salt water. If taking a deep 500 foot dive, the C8’s hydralum and polymer body will keep it intact and let you dive with little worry of a malfunction. A wrist lanyard and an owner’s manual are included.

In our opinion, the Underwater Kinetics Sunlight c8 is the best primary dive light of 2017.