Releasing the new Tovatec-Innovative Scuba ICOM II Compact Torch made divers go crazy, in a good way, with its reliable lighting and high quality construction. With the high level of intensity this product’s beam offers, it can definitely be used as a back-up diving flashlight for some divers because of its lightweight feel. It is also convenient to bring underwater. Moreover, it can be as useful on the land as it is in the ocean.


This compact torch is definitely water-resistant and can withstand the current up to 328 feet or 100m below the surface. Its 9 degree beam angle makes it perfect for looking in small spaces under water. Made from premium materials such as anodized aluminum, this torch is definitely built to last. It has three magnetic switches that go from strobe, to 30% and to full light.

It provides three full hours of burn time with 1 CREE LED that produces 285 lumens. The light has an amazing 100,000 hour LED lifespan with a color temperature of 6500-7500K. And lastly, th eICOM II compact torch is immediately an “on the go” light with just 3 AAA batteries needed in order to function well.


  • Tovatec-Innovative Scuba ICOM II Compact Torch is absolutely one of the most affordable and efficient torch lights there is in the market.
  • This item is lightweight and can be easily brought down in the deep because of its 7.84 ounces total weight.
  • It’s convenient to handle with its small figure of 5 x 9.2 x 2 inches.
  • This compact torch can serve you for a very long time with its 100,000 hour LED lifespan and overall durable structure.


  • It can only be used as a back-up torch light because of its 285 lumens.
  • This product is not rechargeable.
  • It does not come with a battery so you need to buy one for yourself upon purchasing.