Brighter lights with better burn times – that’s what LED scuba lights have to offer. Here are a few we’re loving right now:

The IST Sports Orion 1000s+ is arguably one of the best LED scuba lights. Featuring five operation modes and a wide beam, this torch allows you to choose the best lighting conditions for every encounter underwater. It is preferred for long dips as its power can be efficiently regulated between its three power modes of 100, 50 and 25 percent.

The Underwater Kinetics Mini Q40 eLED Mk 2 boasts a plastic body that does not corrode, but is still ultra-tough. It is powered by 4 AA batteries.

Used as a secondary light, the Underwater Kinetics C4 eLED L2 provides ultra-bright light. Its powerful single beam is created with two LEDs. A diver can choose their preferred output by choosing from its two power options.

The multi-feature Scubapro Nova 720R is a lightweight torch manufactured with heavy duty aluminum. The lighthead of this rechargeable spotlight can be changed for added versatility. It has double O-ring seals, making for a nearly flood-proof dive light. It produces brilliant illumination at 720 lumens, even though it’s powered by just three C-cell batteries.

The Underwater Kinetics SL3 eLED can serve as a primary or secondary light. It has a 425 lumen beam with a bright center spot and it’s powered by three alkaline batteries. Tech divers use it for their underwater adventures, clipping it to their BCs with the stainless steel clip.

Exploration of a wreck’s interior is made possible by the wide beam produced by the Light Cannon eLED. Its bright illumination does not fade as long as its alkaline or rechargeable batteries still have power. And battery life is easy to manage with the torch’s full and half power options. Its polycarbonate plastic body is non-corroding. Divers can choose a lantern or a pistol grip handle courtesy of the dovetail slot.