There are several good commercial dive lights for diving but the best stands out from the rest. The best commercial dive light as of 2017 is the Scubapro Nova 720. This dive light is a combination of simplicity, sophistication and incredible performance.

1. Heavy duty aluminum for a lightweight feel
This dive light is made with heavy duty aluminum yet still manages to be lightweight. This makes it easy to use underwater.

The product is equipped with the latest CREE XPL LED which has an output of between 700-800 lumens of bright light. This makes it rank among the best in its class in terms of illumination.

3. Twist-On / Twist-Off Activation
The device operates on a simple Twist-On/Twist-Off activation, thereby ensuring a trouble-free operation regardless of the depth.

4. Rubber Protection on the Head
The product has a rubber protection that keeps the light head safe from knocks and bumps when it is in use.

5. 300M Depth Capacity
The device has a 300m depth capacity which ensures that it works efficiently in all diving conditions.

6. Three C-cell batteries
The dive light is powered by three C-cell batteries that provide up to ten hours of illumination.

Benefits of using the Scubapro Nova 720 for diving:
1. Produces better illumination
The Scubapro Nova 720 dive light provides better illumination than several other dive lights in its category due to the fact that is it is equipped with the latest CREE XPL LED which has an output of between 700-800 lumens.

2. Durable
The Scubapro Nova 720 is made from heavy duty aluminum which ensures that it can withstand the knocks and bumps of diving under various conditions.

3. Longer operation time:
The dive light uses a combination of three C-cell batteries which produces intense maximum illumination for up to ten hours. The Scubapro Nova 720 has a longer operation time than other dive lights in its category.

4. Lightweight
The device is lightweight which makes diving in any conditioner easier.