The Fantasea Pro Radiant is a multipurpose, professional video dive light that represents the ultimate solution for all imaging needs. Offering a variety of lighting features, the light enhances color and light in underwater videos and photography. Boasting an ergonomic design and durable construction, the video light has up to six light emitting diodes that provide an ultra-bright and wide output.

The Fantasea Pro Radiant 2500 works on an evolving portable technology that will impress any user. The following features make it the pinnacle of light emitting diodes.

Lumens and Output

The video dive light uses no less than 12 LEDs. It also offers two white-light modes. The light delivers a 120˚ beam. At 100% power, it emits 2500 lumens; at 50% power, 1250 lumens; and at 25% power, 625 lumens. The white light offers a color temperature of between 5300 and 5600 Kelvin. All lighting options are enhanced with safety modes.

Depth Rating

The video light offers a depth rating of 328 feet. The rating complements the three outputs of 625 to 2500lumens of brightness. It also makes it perfect for deep sea and wide angle photography, fulfilling the needs of most technical and recreational divers.

Battery Type

The dive light has a reliable Li-ion battery that offers a burn time of 50 minutes at 100% power. The battery power indicator light allows for  monitoring of the battery. With these options, users are able to control power and extend the burn time of the light.


  • Dive light with variable outputs (625, 1250 and 2500 lumens)
  • 120˚ angle of coverage that allows for easy illumination of schools of fish, coral reefs, and all wide-angled photography
  • 15˚ white light beam that aids in narrow focusing
  • Daylight-balanced colors temperature (5300-5600k)
  • Flashing mode for emergency signaling


  • An extra set of batteries is required as the Fantasea Pro Radiant 2500 has a short burn time

These concerns do not affect the overall functionality of the dive light. Overall, the Radiant 25000 is highly suitable for the demanding world of underwater video shooting.